I am not really confident but …

Captionbot is another AI from Microsoft, and it’s not doing so hot either

Ok, we’ve been playing around with Captionbot since it came out last week, and it looks like Microsoft purposefully left out recognition for gorillas/apes/monkeys in an effort to avoid the Google Photos fiasco where Google mislabelled black people as gorillas.

Take a look at the evidence:


Seriously, a black hat, Microsoft? Two giraffes near a tree? A cat wearing a tie??? We get it – image recognition is hard. No one wants to pull a Google Photos. But does that make it ok to forgo teaching your model an entire concept?

Look at Clarifai’s image recognition results for the exact same images:


Clarifai demonstrates that teaching visual recognition to be smart IS possible. Instead of omitting concepts that are difficult to teach computers, let’s find ways to make our technology smarter!

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